If you want to collaborate monthly and contribute to the future of Foresta, you can do it through the figure of Protective Partner, and receive your tax deduction. Whether you are a Physical Person or a Legal Person your contribution will contribute to the maintenance and development of the ForestaSigue leyendo

Do you want to contribute to increasing the forest mass of the Canary Archipelago and do not have time to do it? The Foresta Foundation makes it easy for you. Sponsor a Tree or group of trees and we will take care of planting them in your name. As anSigue leyendo

Are you a company or individual committed to the environment …? PROPOSAL 1: REFORESTATION DAY Do you want to surprise your friends, neighbours, colleagues or family with a different activity in nature? We help you organize a reforestation day, in which doing an outdoor activity attendees will enjoy a uniqueSigue leyendo

FORESTA offers you the opportunity to participate as a VOLUNTEER but how? Volunteer at the Foundation: Help in the daily life of Foresta to fulfil its objectives. Special interest specialities: computer scientists, graphic designers, lawyers, consultants, publicists and journalists, but any skill in another field is welcome. Volunteer in the Activities:Sigue leyendo